• Selection of plastic materials

    Selection of plastic materials

    Published:2021/09/02 15:32:40

    So far, the types of resins that have been reported have reached tens of thousands, and the number of industrialized production has reached more than a thousand. The selection of plastic materials is to choose a suitable one among the many resin varieties

  • Introduction and composition of plastic products factory processing injection mold

    Introduction and composition of plastic products factory processing injection mold

    Published:2021/08/27 11:49:37

    The injection mold is a part that gives the plastic shape and size during the molding process. It is a high-temperature injection molding of the plastic raw material through the injection mold processed by the plastic product factory.

  • Rapid Injection Molding

    Rapid Injection Molding

    Published:2011-07-20 22:23:33

    Over the last several years, these articles have addressed many details of design for rapid injection molding, but we've never really looked at the overall process. In its simplest form, the injection molding process works as follows:

  • Thermoplastic polyurethanes

    Thermoplastic polyurethanes

    Published:2011-07-20 22:11:55

    Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) can be found just about anywhere, filling the void between flexible rubber and rigid plastic or simply serving as a replacement for other materials.

  • Designing with Nylon

    Designing with Nylon

    Published:2011-07-20 22:07:49

    Nylon, the oldest of the engineering thermoplastics, was introduced by DuPont at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City. Since that time nylon has grown to become the largest-volume engineering material.

  • Injection molded part design

    Injection molded part design

    Published:2011-07-20 22:05:29

    Our company (Plastic Components Inc. [PCI]) is a fully-automated injection molder and we continually invest in technology, including our recent adoption

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    Design with Acetal

    1959 was an eventful year. Xerox introduced the first commercial copier. American Airlines launched commercial jet flights. Fidel Castro installed the first communist regime in the West. Alaska and Hawaii became states.

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    Density of Plastics

    There are a lot of numbers on a material property datasheet. A truly complete property sheet may have more than 60 entries for a broad range of mechanical

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    Design gears

    Certain parameters hold true when designing all gears, including plastic: